Meeting on the Mountain
Prophetic Bulletin from
May 2002
At this time the Lord is speaking regarding a radical change in church leadership and structure. Throughout the earth there is a new apostolic restoration. This will bring much needed change regarding leadership, structure, the release of the saints into the harvest and unity.
In the first word (The three kings), I believe the Lord is calling us to prepare for a major restructuring to His body in the next 10 to 20 years. Since 9-11, much has changed in the world, and we can be certain that it will never be the same. The Lord is calling us to prepare for major changes and challenges in the years ahead.

In the second word (In one accord), I believe the Lord is calling leadership to true unity and humility. Without 'one accord', we will never experience the corporate anointing of restoration and revolution which the early church knew.


Johan Boot
The Three Kings
The Lord showed me 3 kings, each with a large castle. These castles did not only have room for the king's immediate family, but also for all his servants and their families. Then I heard a trumpet call. This trumpet call was a warning regarding a coming earthquake. The warning went throughout the land to prepare the people for total devastation.

All three kings heard the trumpet call, yet they responded in different ways. At first each king was filled with fear and started making emergency plans. Yet the earthquake did not come immediately. People were relieved and after a week or two everything seemed to be back to normal. But again the trumpet sounded and again the people trembled and the kings prepared for it. But again it did not come.

This pattern of warning continued for a while. Then the first king decided to lead his people out of the old, large stone castle, to build a new town of wood, which would be safer than the old castle. It would be much easier to evacuate the people, and the possibility of serious injuries would be minimized. This obviously had a great impact on the king and his people. The king no longer had the tight control over his people, and the people obviously had must more freedom. The people built their own houses and planted their own vineyards and trees. But because the king loved his people he rejoiced in their joy and consequently his kingdom flourished.

The second king decided to remain in the castle, but to have an excellent emergency plan. His people regularly practiced this plan. Because the king loved the life in the castle too much, he decided to remain resident in it, and that when the earthquake came they would all escape.

The third king ignored the warning of the coming earthquake. He said in his heart, "For all the generations that we have been here in this castle, we have never experienced any earthquakes. This is all wishful thinking." He did not warn his people, neither did he make preparations. For a while this kingdom enjoyed the peace and prosperity it has always been known for. Its king and his people, laughed at the second kingdom as its people practiced the evacuation plan. They openly ridiculed the first kingdom as 'crazy and radicals'. Yet, the first king knew that he was preparing his people out of love, and that the second and third kings were really holding on to their own positions, prestige and comfort.

Then one day the Lord started to shake the earth. The land where the three kings lived was also affected. It was a terrible earthquake, and many old buildings completely collapsed. When the earthquake struck the first kingdom, the people were completely prepared. Although the castle collapsed, the newer and smaller houses all remained. Soon afterwards the people resumed with their lives, because they had no connection with the old castle any longer.

When the earthquake reached the second kingdom, the people were prepared to quickly evacuate the castle. A couple of people were seriously injured, but all were saved. Yet, when it was all over, nothing remained standing. The king and his people were completely devastated.

Yet, when the earthquake reached the third kingdom, the king and his people were having a large banquet. Everyone in the kingdom was involved in it and they fully enjoyed the blessing of their prosperity. As the earthquake struck, the banquet hall was the first to collapse. The roof came down on the people and everyone, except a number of the servants died.

The news of the devastation of the earthquake went throughout the land. The first king and his people heard about what happed to the other kingdoms, and rushed to help and support the injured and homeless. They brought all the people from the second kingdom and those spared from the third, back to the first kingdom. From that time onwards everyone remained at the first kingdom, and the second king became a general of first king.

Therefore the structure and lifestyle in these 3 kingdoms were forever changed.


The essence of this prophetic vision relates to the releasing of the saints into the harvest and ministry. The Lord is beginning to restructure the church to get the people from the pews to the lost. For too long the church has been a self-contained castle. For too long have we been inward looking and enjoying the blessings of the ministry, while the lost is dying. The Lord is bringing a radical change to the way we are 'doing church' to prepare the saints to gather the harvest. Today there are those who will embrace the apostolic anointing to 'release, send and plant', while others will openly ridicule it.

Today is the day to hear the voice of the Spirit, and embrace the shaking in the church. Please note that the Lord will shake His church. He is determined to pour new wine and new oil upon His church. Yet, the question is, "Are we willing to abandon old, large outdated structures, for the sake of the kingdom? Are we willing to embrace a new wineskin, even if it means less prominence and prestige? Are we willing to step out in faith and build according an apostolic and prophetic pattern?" These are days of taking possession of the land. Will we be like the minority who believed that God was great enough to conquer the giants in the land, or will we shrink back, because of our love of the old ways?

I also believe that the Lord is preparing His church for the persecution of the last days. When the church is really persecuted (for example China), the old style of institutionalized church will simply not work. I believe the shaking of the land also refers to persecution, and the consequential demise of our 'kingdoms'. Without a strategic plan to 'train, release and send the saints to plant and harvest', we church will be no possible position to overcome the future persecution to come upon the church. I want to emphasize that we are by no means to 'fear' persecution or become paranoid about it, but to simply prepare for it. We need to be really to move when the Master calls us to 'change gears', and face the challenges of the new millenium.

Today is the day to hear and obey the voice of the Spirit.
In one accord
The Lord showed me a city in ruins. Its outer walls were incomplete and none of the houses seemed to be fully complete. Some were actually simply 4 walls with no roof, windows or doors. I saw people in these buildings and realized that the Lord was showing we a picture of His corporate church in a city. At the door of most buildings there was a leader or pastor. They were clothed in special clothes and upon each building was a nice sign for the fellowship or church. People were working on their own buildings and trying to accomplish the 'Great commission' on their own. Yet, it struck me that none of them were really ever completing their buildings. There always seemed to be some areas of lack or failure, and therefore these buildings looked rundown and dysfunctional. The layout of the city also seemed to be non-existent. Buildings were built anywhere, and some didn't have any access to roads and other services such as water and electricity.

Then there was a trumpet call in the heavens. It was a call to the church to prepare for the end-time harvest. I saw how the leaders of the churches assembled in the center of the city. They all came together to hear what the trumpet call meant. The members from the different congregations also came. The Lord was calling those in leadership to lay down their lives, so that He could do a new and complete work in the church.

"Unless the shepherds come together to work as a body in the restoration of My house, this city will never see Me fullness come upon it. I am calling those whom I gifted and called to start building My kingdom, instead of their own ministries. Because of selfish ambition, pride and strife, My corporate anointing and call upon cities and nations cannot be released."

Then I saw how the Lord led each of the pastors to submit their lives before Him. Each one had to lay down their beautiful robes, jewels and crowns, as these were signs of their authority and gifting. "I am calling My servants to submit and surrender the gifts and callings that I gave them. There is coming a double portion anointing upon the church in the last days. It will be the corporate anointing of the fivefold ministry. I will cloth them with even more splendor and power than before, yet it shall not be tainted by the markings of this world."

As each leader laid down their crowns and robes, he suddenly became a step in a staircase leading into the sky. As the last leader submitted himself to the Lord, the final step in the staircase was formed, and a door appeared above it. On the door was an inscription: "In One Accord". Then there was another trumpet call, and the door above the staircase was opened. As it opened the wind of the Spirit of God started to blow into the city. As the Spirit of the Lord blew through the city the eyes of the people were opened and they could see the real state of their city. Many started to cry and weep, and everyone called out to the Lord to heal their city by His power and presence. The wind continued to blow until the time of cleansing in the hearts of the people was reached. Everyone received a new and deeper understanding of the purposes of the kingdom of God.

Then the staircase with the door above it disappeared. The pastors were back in the square in the center of the city. Yet, they looked different. Each one of them was clothed in blue workman's clothes. Instead of jewels and specials robes each one carried a toolbox with specialized tools. They then started to restore the city. But it was clear that they were working as a team under divine guidance and authority. None of them continued to work on just their own building. It was clear that although many were assigned to certain areas of building work, their function and particular skill was more important than the location where they worked. Each one seemed to be content to see the city restored and completed according to a divine plan and design. There were architects, town planners, engineers, inspectors and building supervisors. As a result of the combined and united effort by all the workers, the city was quickly changing. Because there was an overall design, critical services such as roads and drainage, and the city walls with its watchtowers received special attention. In a short space of time everyone in the city started to rejoice. They became extremely happy to see a full spectrum of services available to them. People recognized that the Lord came to restore His church and likewise build His kingdom.

"Today I am restoring the fullness of the fivefold ministry to My body. I am destroying control and manipulation, and My servants will truly be men of My kingdom, instead of their own ministries. Unless My servants will allow the work of the cross to touch and transform their lives, in order for Me to do a deeper work, I will not be able to use them in these last days. Today I am calling My people to humble themselves, surrender their crowns, turn from their wicked ways and seek My ways and purposes."
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